About Us

Saba Syed

Founder of Oasis Moroccan Bath

Oasis Moroccan Bath isn’t your typical spa…

And yes, we know — everyone says that about themselves. But we want to take a moment and show you why we’re different.

Of course, we pride ourselves on our quality, and on how well we take care of those who come to visit us. And we really do mean it when we say that this is a luxury spa.

But to truly be different — to create an experience that really does stand out from the rest — that takes a different kind of thinking.

And that’s why we are so excited to introduce you to our extravagant, old world Moroccan body treatments.

Our processes are extravagant, not only because we take care of you. But because these treatments take care of your body. Your whole body. That means removing stress and fatigue, awakening your senses, and reviving your mind, body, and soul. Added to that, we’re tapping into practices that have been honed over centuries past. In our fast-paced world, where most consumer products are designed to break in a few years (if not a few months), making the decision to slow down and doing something right provides the kind of benefits that are hard to find.

And as you surely know, with ambitious endeavors, there’s always a story behind the story.

For us, our story started with our founder, Saba Syed (backed by her co-founder, Cricely Demenjon).

Saba got her start running a successful restaurant. Taking care of people is not just a passion of hers, it’s her way of life. And that’s because her personal mission is to take care of women. To help those who are oppressed. To comfort those who are hurting. And to make a real, tangible difference. This takes her to different parts of the world for speaking engagements. Letting her, in the process, become a champion of women.

So when you step into Oasis Moroccan Bath, you’re stepping into a part of that. A part of something bigger than you.

Let us come alongside you in your journey, where you are, to help you reduce stress and leave feeling ready to take on your world. Because no matter where you find yourself, you matter. Your story matters. And the work you’re doing matters.